World’s First Voice-Activated, Real-Time, Multiplayer Game

  • Complete against players around the world in real-time using voice
  • Create and customise a personal game avatar
  • Level up and purchase in-game currency
  • Anagram Magic — Try to make the longest word possible from nine given letters. Get a longer word than your opponent in each of the three rounds to win
  • Maths Master — Get as close as you can to a goal goal number using six given numbers and the 4 basic operators (+ — x %). Beat your opponent over three rounds to win
  • Word Wheel — Use the letter in the centre of a nine-letter anagram wheel to make as many words as you can. Get more than your opponent in the time limit to be the winner
  • Speedy Sums (purchased with Brain Bucks) — Answer as many quick-fire maths puzzles as you can in the time limit. Answer more than your opponent before the clocks runs down to win



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