Voice for Good — How Voice Games Can Deliver A Wider Benefit to Users

  • Promote teamwork and problem solving — whether it’s escape room games where you work together or team trivia skills like Tenable where all help to get to the next level, they’re fun but they’re also about helping develop great life skills and people feel good about that!
  • Create lasting memories — being able to look back and remember fun, happy times together is so important
  • Spark conversation and promote family bonding — spending productive, family time together is rare nowadays and this one way to get everyone doing that in a fun, new and interactive way (even the teenagers enjoy it)
  • Making it as easy as possible for users to picture the structure of the word in their head
  • Spelling out letters at a speed that allows the user to take in the information and build the mental picture — as close as possible to natural human speech
  • Reducing gaps in between key information to ensure it’s as easy as possible to maintain the mental image
  • Clearly indicating when answers are made up of multiple words with a space
  • Think voice first — make the audio experience the best it can be
  • Make it simple and intuitive to engage — get straight to the action. That’s why games that people are familiar with e.g. on Tv work well on voice. Any intros need to be short/brief but allow people to ask questions to get more info if they need it e.g. how do I win, who goes first, etc
  • Help create the mental image — think of pacing, style and immerse the user into the experience
  • Don’t over complicate — Make it fun — that’s why we play games and our best learning comes when we enjoy it
  • Think about how your game works for those alone but also those in groups and make it work for both
  • Know your audience or the community you are building for. How can voice help them and bring real value?
  • Content is king — You need plenty of it for people to get the most out of your game and keep them coming back



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